Top 5 Most expensive Cat Breeds


1. The Ashera – $125,000

2. The Bengal – $42,000

3. Savannah - $50,000

4. Persian cat - $6,000

5.  Sphynx - $3,500


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Amy Chastain said...

THAT is not a Savannah Cat, it is a Serval. It is true that Savannahs are a cross between a regular Cat & a Serval but that isn't one. The prices are way off as far as I can tell also.

Amy Chastain said...

While it is true that a Serval & a domestic Cat cross is what makes a Savannah, THAT is NOT a Savannah Cat. It is a Serval. The prices are incorrect imho as well.

Amber Gillen said...

We have a fair amount of pure bread Bengal breeders in our area selling them for $2000cdn. I think your prices are far fetched..

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