How long do dogs sleep per day?


Adorable Sleeping puppy

According to a survey most of the dogs sleep unto 14 hours per day including snoozes and little naps. But most of the time it depends upon the personality, age, breed, etc. Dogs sleep more than human beings but they don't sleep continuos like human beings. Their sleeps includes mostly little naps.

Dogs instinctively modify their sleeping habits so that they are alert when they hear something, or there are things going on, and can also rest when things around them are quiet.

A typical dog will spend 1/2 of their day sleeping. About ⅓ of their day napping and about ⅕ of their day being active. So an average dog will sleep about 12 - 14 hours daily. But it is not usually continuous. Puppies often sleep 18 hours daily. These are rough estimates and don’t apply to every single dog. Your dog may snooze more or less than this amount, and it is probably nothing to be concerned about. With each pet, it can easily vary.

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