5 Things you should know before buying a puppy


If you are planning to get a new puppy then you should take care of these 5 important things. It will help you in getting the best one.

1. The first and foremost things to keep in mind the health condition of the puppy. Make sure your new puppy/dog has had all its vaccinations from a trusted veterinary doctor. It maybe De wormer, Parvo, Distemper (Rabies if over 6 months) it is a good idea to keep the health records/rabies cert in a binder.

2.  The second important thing to remember is that if you don't have enough time to look after it but still want to own one then you should better hire a dog walker. And while choosing the dog breed try to choose the one which is not too needy.

3.  Make sure you are able to take your puppy/dog for daily walks or have an area for your puppy/dog to run. Depending on what size dog you have or the type of dog you have will determine the exercise he or she will need. You can check with your vet to find out what is needed for the type of dog you are going to get before you get your new best friend.

4. Train your dog means training you and your family too. Have fun with your new puppy. Take him or her to the pet store and buy a new toy. Your dog and you will love the time together. Take your puppy/dog to obedience classes. You will learn a lot of great ideas to keep you and your family happy. Use a collar and leash when you take your dog places. Make sure you have Id tag on your dog. You can have your vet put in an micro chip if you want. It will help find your dog if he or she is lost or stolen. Do you need a fence or invisible fence? How much will it cost?

5. Lastly If you have young children think of their hobbies, and what activities they do daily. Is this dog going to be able to go with you places? Does your dog need to run or likes to sit?

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