5 Reasons why Labrador Retrievers make good family pets


5 Reasons why Labrador Retrievers make good family pets:

1. They are highly biddable which means they aim to please, and are relatively easy to train. Labs respond well to clear guidelines and are quick learners. They do best with a little bit of structure and can get into just a little trouble when left to make their own decisions.

2. Their dispositions lend themselves well to family life and they are typically quite good with children. When socialized thoroughly as puppies, they adapt to pretty much any situation you can put them in. They're steady dogs and quite gentle.

3. Labrador Retrievers don't require a lot of grooming, but they do shed quite a bit seasonally. Just an occasional bath is all they need, a bi-weekly coat brushing, a nail trim, and they're in business. You won't need to visit the groomer every three to four weeks like with some other dog breeds.

4.  They are happiest when they're at your side. Most Labs have lap-dog syndrome and are totally unaware of their size when it gets to be quiet time. They will happily crowd the bed if you let them, and will try to sit as close to you as possible on the sofa, if not on top of you.

5. Labs find fun wherever they go. Even if it's just flopping down in the backyard with a nylabone, they're very easy to keep happy. Get them the proper amount of exercise they need, give them consistent guidelines, keep their bellies full, and give them loads of attention and you'll have a happy, healthy, well-adjusted family dog.

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