5 interesting fun facts about English Bulldogs


English Bulldogs are one of the most famous of dog breeds. Here are five fun facts about them.

1. The earliest Bulldogs were bred specifically for their ferocity and thus came a line of fighters, developing a keen savageness, courage, and relative insensitivity to pain.

5 interesting fun facts about English Bulldogs

2. In 1835, when dog fighting as a sport became illegal in England, the English Bulldog seemed to outlive its usefulness; however, fanciers set about preserving it and eventually bred out the undesirable ferocity of the breed.

3. The Bulldog is the symbol of fidelity, strength and solid values. They represent Great Britain, Mack Trucks, Red Dog Beer and is one of the most popular sports team mascots.

4. Dogs have about one hundred different facial expressions, most denoted with the ears. Due to their breeding, Bulldogs (and pit bulls) only have about ten. These dogs tend to get misunderstood by other dogs which can get them into fights.

5. Bulldogs are great around kids and make wonderful companions due to their gentle nature. They make great pets for the elderly as they are laid-back, good natured and undemanding.

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