5 interesting facts about Siberian Huskies


1. Siberian husky is considered as the ancient breed dog. When it comes about the size, it has two different categories. You can see it in medium or giant size. If you compare it Alaskan Huskies, it is smaller. 

2. Just like its name suggested, The Siberian huskies come from Siberia, Russia. During the gold rush, the animals came to Alaska.

3. Based on the temperament and nature of Siberian huskies, they are not suitable to look after as a family pet. Their nature is difficult to manage, domineering and independent. Probably you need to find another breed of dogs to stay with your kids at home who are caring and loving.

4. There are wide arrays of color coat that Siberian huskies have. The coat is colorful and nice. It is smooth and straight.

5. You can call Siberian huskies with other names such as Arctic huskies. However, it is wrong if you call the Alaskan malamute. Many people are mistaken by thinking that the dog breed is the Alaskan malamute.

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