5 interesting facts about Pitbulls


Pit Bulls are filled with several qualities.They make good loyal companions and are friendly dogs of medium to large size.

1.  Pit Bulls were created with a blend of several Bulldogs and terriers.They have roots in United Kingdom but the breed mainly developed in America.

2. The tests have sown Pit Bulls temperament over 80% that is much more than many other dog breeds.

3. Pit Bull jaws are no more different than other dog breed.They can lock their jaws is juts a myth nothing else that has been proved wrong by their dental examination.

4. Every dog breed can be aggressive by nature.It totally depends upon how you treat your dog.A properly socialised and trained Pit Bull would be affectionate,loving and playful.

5. Pit Bulls are intelligent and are keen to learn.They are good at learning tricks.They are brave and are widely used as police dogs.

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