5 interesting facts about labrador retrievers


1.  The pain tolerance of retrievers is high-much more than other dogs which makes them a great choice for rescue work, police work and as hunting helpers. Labs also have excellent detection and working ability, and steady temperament, which makes them ideal for search and rescue, and for therapy and detection work.

2. There are two other popular colors of labs-charcoal and silver. However, these two colors have not been official recognized by breed registers or kennel associations because experts have not been able to verify the source of their color and pedigree of breeding.

3. Labrador retrievers are active, intelligent, and alert. They are also easy to train and love being around people. Labs are excellent family dogs and are not noisy or territorial if trained properly. They are one of the best choice as family pets. They are gentle to other animals and people and are great as an addition to a family even if there are small kids and other pets. In fact, they are one of the world’s most popular breeds.

4. The Labrador retriever has about 7 to 8 puppies in each litter. They are also known as Lesser Newfoundland, St. Johns Newfoundland, and St. Johns Dog.

5. Golden Retrievers are “crepuscular. This means they are more active in the dawn and at dusk, rather than in the middle of the day. As puppies, labs are much lighter in color than what they will be as adults. The color of the fur on a puppy’s ears is the best indicator of his adult colouring.

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