5 easy ways to train a puppy at home


If you have just bought a new puppy and are wondering how to start its training you are at the right place. Our 5 step training consists of very simple and easy ways to start training a puppy. These steps are most widely used and are very helpful.

1. Try to observe your puppy and his behaviour:

The first step is observing your puppy and his actions. He would be confused in the beginning as he has just arrived at a new place and will be doing things your might not like. These acts might include urinating on the carpet, barking at every person, getting angry, etc. These are normal so don't be worried. You just have to make right what your puppy is doing wrong, like if it urinates on your carpet or in your room you need to show your anger at that instant, in this way he will be not repeating this act in future.

2. Create a suitable and friendly environment for it

Creating a suitable and friendly environment is one of the most important things as far as adjusting with the new house is concerned. You have to make a comfortable and clean place for the new guest so that he gets use to it as soon as possible.

3. Making a Schedule for everything

Now the next step is scheduling everything related to your puppy. You have to make a schedule for his food timings, baths, walk, etc. By scheduling these things you are teaching him about the routine he has to follow and once you have scheduled these things try to keep them running for sometime after that he will get used to it and will be comfortable.

4. Keep the surrounding of puppy clean

One of the major things which are neglected by some people is the cleanliness of the puppy and its place. You need to keep all the things of the puppy clean. It includes its home, its surroundings, things used by it, bathing it properly, proper vaccination in case of any disease etc.

5. Time to observe its behaviour and responses

Now that you have kept it for sometime its time to check what he has learned. Let it be free now but keep on watching what it does. If it is following the daily routine and doing everything as you have taught him it means that he has learned most of it. But if he is doing something wrong or against what you have taught then you have to stop him at the moment. This will help in improving his behaviours and learning skills.

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