5 Interesting facts about French Bulldogs


French bulldogs have been one of the most popular dog breeds for centuries. These dogs are very loyal, attractive, cute and funny. They always keep their masters happy with their adorable acts. Here are some interesting facts about French Bulldogs.

1. These dogs actually originated in England but got their name later on in France as French Bulldogs. The reason was because they were largely taken by lace makers shifted to France during the end of Industrial Revolution.

2. French Bulldogs were more largely kept by women in France than Men.

3. French Bulldogs are found of eating. They don't like anyone around them while eating. They also tend to sleep too much.

4. These dogs are mischievous and like to play all the time. The naughtiness and playfullness in their nature never goes by age.

5. French Bulldogs are not fond of water at all. Mostly French Bulldogs can't swim because of their small legs and large heads and that's probably one of the reasons they don't like water.

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